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Our centre will be open from 6:30am-6:00pm and takes children from 6 weeks to school age.

Our Fees:

  • $148/day for six weeks to two years old

  • $146/day for two years to three years old

  • $138/day for three years to five years old


Our centre is classed as a Long Day Care so parents shall benefit Government Subsidies such as CCS (Child Care Support).

Fees are inclusive of:

  • Nappies and wipes

  • Complete catering service including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea

  • Qualified Montessori teachers that run our Montessori Programs

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent 

Key Values

We sustain three key value areas throughout our daily routines: safety, as the main step that builds children's security in a nurturing way which in turn leads to intimacy, the second step that enables closeness and bonding between staff and children, and thus directly providing an optimal base for developing independence through academics, the third step which helps our children acquire extensive knowledge in a fun way. 







Our values are sustained through Our Philosophy...

Learning through Independent Discovery

We strive to enable children's learning through independent discovery by providing an optimal environment that encourages participation, provides independence, problem solving, skill development and fosters a love of learning.

Positive Relationships with Families

We encourage positive relationships with families that are based on mutual trust, open communication and respect for diversity; all this enables families sharing their knowledge with the child and in turn reciprocate with the understanding that benefits the child.

Respect for the Environment

We show respect for our environment, materials and resources that we use. We believe that we need to minimise our waste, reuse resources and reduce our footprint on our planet. Our planet is our home, let's keep it clean and healthy!

Diversity of Our Community

We feel that the diversity of our community is valuable and contributes to the children's understanding of cultural diversity. Through our Montessori philosophy we strive to build a community spirit among our international staff, parents and children. 

Mutual Respect among Staff

We foster an environment of trust, open communication and mutual respect among our lovely staff. We support each other to improve our professional and personal strengths which bring individuality and originality to The Montessori Farm. 

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